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A controversial topic

There is big money in the porn industry, which is natural as pornography attracts us on a very basic, instinctive level. Sure, there are plenty of people who don't like pornography, but most of us are more or less intrigued. There are also a lot of people who enjoy pornography on a personal level, but loath it on a political level, which makes it a very controversial topic. It is not totally easy to discuss pornography and all its aspects.

Sex sells

Porngraphy is part of a huge sex industry. Sex sells and unfortunately the porn that sells best is the one that exploits young targets. A lot of porn is also depicting dagerous fantasies like rape, abuse, death and even intercourse with children or animals. All these forms of pornography may be popular, but they are strictly illegal. Many legal cases have been formed against people with these kinds of pornography in their possession, some have led to conviction. There are forces working against some of what they find to be nothing less than pure moral panic.

Enlighten yourself

Where do you draw the line? It is very important to allow the citizens of a free society to live out their sexual fantasies. The making of pornographic material must always be of completely free will though, and here is the dilemma - because a lot of the pornographical material that is being made and published is done so by taking advantage of young, poor, exposed members of our societies - young girls and boys in desperate need of money, comfort or fame. Sometimes even children and animals which isn't just illegal but also absolutely horrifying. Of course there must be laws protecting them! 

One important piece of advice to everyone who wants to enjoy pornography from time to time is to read up on laws and regulations and - if something doesn't look right, it probably isn't.

Some people choose to stop pornography completely, like this man:

Pornography is a controversial topic that's regulated by strict regulations in the UK. In fact, even online casinos cannot feature any connection to pornography on their sites and games. Check out the best UK casinos to enjoy porn-free games and win real money!