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Letter to MPs on Criminalising “Rape Porn”

This week, the following letter was sent to a number of MPs and Lords, to raise concerns over the planned “rape porn” legislation. This was sent on behalf of Backlash and an alliance of other sexual freedom campaigns: Sex & Censorship, Consenting Adult Action Network, Campaign Against Censorship and the Sexual Freedom Coalition. We write to […]

An example of better focussed speech regulation

Via Crime and Consequences, we learn that the US president has just signed the ”Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act of 2010”. The law is in response to a successful appeal by a company that was distributing images of extreme animal cruelty. Though not targeting the same material as the ban on extreme pornography in the […]

Scottish Parliament passes “extreme porn” law

This week the Scottish Parliament passed its own version of the ban on “extreme porn” as part of the wide ranging Criminal Justice and Licensing Bill. “Extreme pornography” in Scotland includes a potentially much wider range of images, prohibiting possession of depictions of non-consensual sex besides the categories already present in English law. While rape […]

Backlash Press Release: Tiger Porn defendant miscarriage of justice averted

BACKLASH PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 28 May 2010 “Tiger Porn defendant miscarriage of justice averted” The sexual civil liberties organisation Backlash have assisted in averting a miscarriage of justice. Andrew Holland was charged with one count of possessing extreme pornography under the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 at the Mold Crown Court. […]

The LibCon’s Great Repeal Bill

The new LibCon Coalition presents the best opportunity to repeal the prohibiton on so-called ‘extreme pornography’ that is likely to emerge for some time to come. Both parties had shown interest in removing some of the more dangerous civil liberty threatening legislation introduced by the Labour Government in recent years. With the LibDems now actually […]

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