Andrew Murray, LSE

“Law made on the back of a single issue campaign is often ‘bad law’ and it is my belief that s.63 misses nearly all its targets.” says Andrew Murray, Reader in Law at the London School of Economics and Political Science, in an article in the Modern Law Review. He has written a brief commentary for Backlash. Click here to read it.

Stephen Guest, UCL

Professor Stephen Guest at the UCL Faculty of Laws, argued against the recent ban on the possession of extreme pornography at a recent public lecture. He said that that genuine freedom of expression requires the protection of all manner of thought, including the obscene. The video of his lecture can now be viewed here. His extended piece on the subject, Respect for Bad Thoughts in UCL Human Rights Review, can be downloaded here. He has written a commentary summarising his views for Backlash which is available here.

The Williams Report

A generation ago a Royal Commission chaired by Professor Bernard Williams of Oxford conducted an authoritative and comprehensive investigation of the topic of obscenity. Their analysis is still of great relevance today.

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