How You Can Help

It is never too late

It is always worth badgering your local MP if a relevant event prompts you to do so. You can easily contact your MP to keep up the pressure. Especially at election time, when they want your vote.

Backlash will provide guidance on how to lobby for those unfamiliar with political activities – that is, most of us. Just ask.

Policy making

A Wiki has been sponsored to stimulate discussion and collate information both for and against the law. Opinions expressed there do not represent those of Backlash but rather reflect all sides of the debate.

A Wiki is an open-access hierarchy of pages for posting information of some lasting value, arranged by subject. Anyone can read but you must register to post. To discuss individual wiki pages you can use
the discussion tag on each page and add a comment.

There is also a Forum if you want to participate in policy formation. But be aware that whilst this Backlash site is moderated and represents a consensus view, debate on the unmoderated forum can include opinions unpalatable to others.

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